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​There are 3 ways to find your ring size:

  • Ask any jewellery store to measure your finger. They will give you a letter (UK & Australia), or number (US/Europe).

  • Arrange to visit us in our studio in Islington, London via contacting us at and we will measure it for you.

  • Find a ring that fits the correct finger. Measure as accurately as possible (to the nearest mm) the inside diameter of that ring. This is the distance across the space inside the ring, not including the walls of the actual ring itself.

Once you have your size please let us know in the notes with your order. All rings can be exchanged in the event that they do not fit. Please note that our Russian wedding rings and signet rings are made to order and will incur a fee to cover any resizing if needed. 


  • Most of our necklaces come at a standard size of 46cm (roughly 18 inches) in length. This allows the pendant or charm to sit nicely in the centre of the chest. 

  • If you require a shorter or longer necklace please email us to let us know before you place your order. 


  • Our bracelets are made to fit a small/medium average size wrist at 7 inches

  • If you require a shorter (eg for a child) or longer length please just let us know in the notes at checkout with your order and we would be happy to accommodate this. 

  • For children's bracelets please let us know the age of the child and we will adjust the size accordingly. 

For any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us at and we'd be happy to help!